The social and territorial impact of the PECT

The PECT "The forest, the first resource of the green economy" contemplates four operations: imbiofust, innovatruf, improvements in the planning and mobilization of mountain forest resources and valorization of wood. The Lleida Provincial Council carries out the task of coordinating the PECT.

The four operations of the PECT propose, in a coordinated manner, innovative actions at key points in the value chain and, each and every one, have a direct impact on the territory, which will allow improving the current state of forests, adaptation to climate change , economic growth and the creation of stable jobs in rural areas, thus contributing to territorial balance.

This impact and the transformative dimension of the PECT can be better visualized if we relate the operations of the PECT to the current value chain of the sector focused on wood and biomass that can be seen in the attached graphics.


Operation of improvements in the planning and mobilization of mountain forest resources

We act on the first element of the chain, the forest resource. By innovating the planning and management instruments, we contribute to mobilize the part that is not currently used in the forest resource, which today, in Catalonia, is around 70% of its potential, that is, only 30% is used, as can be seen in the table Value of the wood of Catalonia in different phases.


Wood recovery operation

Aimed at innovating and creating added value in the first and second transformation, developing the knowledge and technologies necessary for the use of the country's wood as structural timber for construction, which today has a very low economic dimension (€ 10.9 million). ), but which has great potential with the rise of energy efficient and sustainable construction.


Operation Imbiofust

Creation of a pilot plant for a lignocellulosic biorefinery as an emerging activity, which today does not appear in the value chain, but which can suppose a radical transformation of the sector, since it will allow to go from a low-value product, forest biomass, with a local market, at the input of the biorefinery that will manufacture high added value products for the advanced chemical industry, with a global market.


Operation Innvatruf

It involves the passage of a secondary activity of mushroom harvesting, in process and product engineering to obtain black and summer truffles, high market value products that have high demand and scarce supply to global markets.